What is the use of Insert Tab in Microsoft Excel?

Insert Tab in Microsoft Excel

Insert Tab in Microsoft Excel is use for inserting the Pivot Tables, Charts, Pictures, Smart Arts, Shapes, Links and more. The ribbon of Insert Tab is divided in to multiple sections with the name Tables, Illustrations, Charts, Links and Text. The detailed explanation about Insert Tab in Microsoft Excel is given below.

  • Pivot Tables – This option insert a pivot table to display selected data in summarized manner. Pivot Table make easy to summarize and analyze the complicated data, like calculate the values total with grand total. In Pivot Table report we can show specific data using condition and formulas.
  • Table – This option is use to create a table to manage, sort and filter the data with pre specified table formats.
  • Picture – This option is use to insert the picture in the current worksheet from the computer memory.
  • Clip Art – This option is use to insert the readymade Clip Arts in the Workbook. Clip Arts are the drawings, movies, sounds, or stock photography to illustrate a specific concept.
  • Shapes – This option is use to insert the ready-made shapes; such as rectangular and circle, line and arrows, flow charts, symbols and callout etc.
  • Smart Art – With this option user can insert the graphical ready-made smart arts in the worksheet. Using smart arts, data can be represent with more understandable form. Inserted Smart Art can be related to any Tree Type, Organizations, Hierarchy, Cycle, Pyramid etc.
  • Chart – This option is use to insert charts for illustrate and comparing data in a worksheet. User can add many types of charts such as – Column, Pie, Bar, Line, Area and Surface etc.
  • Hyperlink (ctrl + k) – This option is use to creates link of worksheets, web pages, files, folders, Pictures or programs for the selected information.
  • Text Box – This option is use to insert the pre-formatted text box in the worksheet.
  • Header – This option is use to edit the header of the worksheet page. User can specify the header with any short information; such as – page number, date and time or any other text or graphical information. It appear top of the each printed page.
  • Footer – The use and features of this option is same as header, but footer is located bottom of the each printed pages.
  • Signature Line – This option is use to insert a signature line, that specifies the individual person who must sign.
  • Object – This option is use to insert the embedded object of any program or application installed on computer.
  • Symbols – This option is use to insert many different types symbols that are not present in keyboard.
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