What is the use of Microsoft Word Office Button?

Microsoft Word Office Button

Microsoft Word Office Button located top-left corner of the application window, it looks like same as MS Office logo. Microsoft Word Office Button contain many options for a document management like opening and saving document, printing and publishing document etc. Additionally we can configure the settings related to display, proofing, spelling & grammar, add-in etc. The detailed explanation about Microsoft Word Office Button is given below.

Options of Microsoft Word Office Button
  • New (ctrl+n) – This option is use to insert a new blank document or template.
  • Open (ctrl+o)- This option is use to open any existing document saved in memory.
  • Save (ctrl+s) – This option is use to save the current document.
  • Save As – This option is use to re-save the edited document with a new name or save the document in other versions like 97, 2000, 2003 format etc.
  • Print (ctrl+p)- This option prepares the document for printing and print preview.
  • Prepare – This option use to enter the property of the document, make encrypt the document and apply restrict permissions etc.
  • Send – This option use to send the document to anyone using E-mail but the outlook must be configured for using this feature.
  • Publish – This option used to publish the document for blogs or a website.
  • Close – This option use to close the current active document.
  • Word Option – This option use to manage the settings about word application.
  • Exit Word (alt+f4) – This Option is use to close the Word Application.
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