What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software in the world. A word processor is essentially a computerized version of the older typewriter. However, the Word adds features that a typewriter never dreamed of having like spell check, the ability to save and store documents, copy and paste functions and the ability of adding images and shapes to the documents. This software is use to create, edit or format the documents for offices, school or any other departments. Documents can be any business letters, Notices, resumes, coversheet’s, magazines, cards, tables, charts or other artwork etc. Intermediate and advanced level knowledge of this software could lead the job opportunities to any person. This product is developed by Microsoft Corporation and its extension name is *.docx.

How to Open Microsoft Word on Personal Computer

Many methods to open word, but main two methods defined below.

  • Start menu>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Word
  • Start menu>Run>Winword>Enter

After entering any of above method, Microsoft PowerPoint application window will be displayed

Microsoft Word Application Window
Application Window-MS Word
Application Window

Microsoft Word Application is different to compare the look of Previous Versions 2003. It has new style to make work so easy and fast. In previous versions Microsoft Word depends on menus, options and tools, but with 2007 version Microsoft made some changes that are given below.

Microsoft Word Window Components Overview

Office Button – The Microsoft Office Button replaces the File button in previous versions. Here is where you will find commonly known features such as New, Open, Save, Print, Recent Documents and Settings.

Quick Access Toolbar – This is a customizable toolbar that contains frequently used options like undo, redo, save, etc.

Title Bar – A horizontal bar at the top of application window displays the name of the document and application. Minimize, Restore and Close buttons are appeared at the right end of the Title Bar.

Tabs: An area under the title bar that contains multiple tabs having multiple tools in groups.

Ribbon – An area under the tabs that contains option related to selected tab. The Ribbon can be reduced to a single line by pressing CTRL + F1.

Ruler – Ruler looks like a scale; it is located below ribbon. It helps to align the line and setting margin of the of the document page.

Page – It is a middle area, in this area we can work with documents.

View Toolbar – A toolbar that enables adjusts, and displays different views as normal, print layout, web layout, reading Layout of a document pages.

Zoom Button – A button that magnifies or reduces the page area in the document window.

Status Bar – A horizontal bar at the bottom of an active window that display the details about the active document. Such as- page number, column number, page layout info and page zooming button etc.

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