What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program for organizing and managing data into rows and columns. Using Microsoft Excel application we can create Databases, Charts, MIS Reports, Pivot Tables and more data entry work. This application includes rich features to work on any database like – Sort & Filter, Conditional Formatting, Data validation, Goal Seek, Lookup, Data Entry Form & Macros etc. In Microsoft Excel application many formulas and functions are available to calculate and manage the databases like Text, Financial, Math and logical etc. Microsoft Excel is most useful application in every offices for data entry work, because many types of databases can be create using this application. This application is developed by Microsoft Corporation and its extension name is *.xlsx.

In this article we are going to explain basic overview of Microsoft Excel application.

How to open Microsoft Excel on Personal Computer

Many methods to open Microsoft Excel on personal computer, but main two methods defined below.

  • Start menu> All Programs> Microsoft Office> Microsoft Excel 2007> Enter
  • Start menu> Run> Type: “excel”> Enter

After entering any of above method, Microsoft PowerPoint application window will be displayed.

Microsoft Excel Application Window

Microsoft Excel application is different to compare the look of Previous Versions. It has new style to make work so easy and fast. In previous versions Microsoft Excel depends on menus, options and toolbars, but with this version Microsoft made some changes that are given below.

Microsoft Excel Window Components Overview

Office Button – The Microsoft Excel Office Button replaces the File Menu used in previous versions. Here you will find commonly known options such as New, Open, Save, Print and Recent Workbooks and settings.

Quick Access Toolbar A customizable toolbar at the top of an active Workbook that keeps those options, that we use frequently.

Title Bar – This is a horizontal bar displayed at the top of application window. This bar displays the name of the active workbook. Minimize, Restore and Close buttons are appear at the right end of the Title Bar.

Tabs An area over the ribbon that contain multiple tabs which are organized in groups. The default tabs is Home and others are Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review and View.

Ribbon An area under the tabs that contain options related to selected tab. The Ribbon can be hide/unhide by pressing CTRL + F1.

Formula Bar – It displays the data or applied formula in the active cell. It is located below the ribbon.

Name Box – Name Box displays the name or address of the active cell. It is located left side of the formula bar.

Status Bar This is a horizontal bar at the bottom of an active window, It displays the details about the active Workbook.

View Toolbar This toolbar allows to change the layout of the spreadsheets. It is located on the right side of the status bar.

Zoom Button It is used to magnifies or reduces the spreadsheet zooming level. It is located on the right side of the status bar.

Basic Knowledge about Microsoft Excel 2007

Workbook – Workbook is an excel file that contain many spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet – Spreadsheet is also known as worksheet. It is the collection of pages which is gridded by row and columns. The default worksheets in a new workbook are 3.

Row – Rows are the Horizontal lines in a spreadsheet. Rows are identified by numerical numbers located left side of the spreadsheet. Total number of rows in a worksheet are 1048576.

Columns – Columns are the vertical lines in a spreadsheet. Columns are identified by alphabetical character located above of the spreadsheet. Total number of columns in a worksheet are 16384.

Cell – Cells are the blocks generated by dividing row and columns in a spreadsheet. A cells is identified by column and row number. Ex-A1. Total cells in a worksheet are 17179869184.

More about Microsoft Excel Workbook and Spreadsheet

FeaturesMaximum Limits
WorkbooksDepends on memory
Sheets in a workbookDepends on memory
Column width255 Characters
Row height409 points
Total number of characters in a cell32767
Undo Levels100
Zoom Range10 to 400 Percent
Characters in a header or footer255
Maximum number of line feeds per cell253
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