What is the use of View Tab in Microsoft Excel?

View Tab in Microsoft Excel

View Tab in Microsoft Excel is use for changing the sheet layouts, show/hide viewing contents, zoom in/out sheet, arranging and adding multiple window and record a macro etc. Ribbon of View Tab is divided in to multiple sections with the name Workbook Views, Show/Hide, Zoom, Window and Macros. The detailed explanation about View Tab in Microsoft Excel is given below.

Workbook Views
  • Normal Layout – This is by default layout view of the worksheet. This layout is use for creating database.
  • Page Layout – This layout distribute the sheet in to multiple pages.
  • Page Break Preview – This layout display the pages with page numbers and pages break lines.
  • Custom Views – This option allows to saving multiple area of sheet with names, so that we can jump anywhere in sheet or whole workbook using the custom views.
  • Full Screen – This option is use to view the worksheet in full screen mode.
  • Ruler – This option is use to show or hide the ruler.
  • Gridlines – This option is use to show or hide the gridlines. It is use to display row and column lines on a worksheet to make content easier to read.
  • Message bar – This option show or hide Message bar.
  • Formula Bar – This option use to show or hide formula bar.
  • Headings – This option is use to show or hide worksheet headings (Column and Row numbers).
  • Zoom – This option is use to set the zoom level for the worksheet according to the preset size or custom size.
  • 100% Zoom – This option set the 100% zoom level of the sheet.
  • Zoom to Selection – This option zooms as much as the worksheet area is selected.
  • New Window – This option insert a new window of the current active workbook.
  • Arrange All – This option arranges the multiple workbooks side by side on the screen.
  • Split – This option splits the current workbook in to two parts, so that user can view different section of the workbook at the same time.
  • Hide – Using this option we can hide the current workbook window.
  • Unhide – Using this option we can unhide the window window.
  • View Side by Side – This option is use to view two workbooks side by side, so that we can compare their data.
  • Synchronous Scrolling – This option synchronize the scrolling of two Workbooks, so that they scroll together.
  • Reset Window Position – This option reset the window position of the workbooks being compared side by side; so that they share the screen equally.
  • Save Workspace – This option is use to save the current layout of all workbooks window as a workspace, so that it can be restored later.
  • Switch Window – This option switches the current workbook in another opened workbook window.
  • Macros – Macro is a function that works with excel vba. This option record a macro and run a recorded macro. Macro is a program in View Tab in MS Excel, that is use to record a work including mouse actions and keystrokes. Macro feature is a most useful for repeatable work. If any work in excel we repeat time to time, we can record it using macro and run when it require.
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