What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful application used to design digital presentations. We can use this application to create any types of presentation such as – for teaching a class, introducing a product to sell, explaining a topic or plan etc. Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that provides an interface to design multimedia slides. We can project a presentation using a projector or personal computer to target a audience. To create a PowerPoint presentation we can use images, sounds, video clips, text, and charts etc. We can use sounds and animation effects in this software to create more attractive presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation application developed by Microsoft Corporation, Its extension name is *.pptx.

Note : Dear Reader, this is theory based article. In this PowerPoint series, we are telling only about use of options.

How to Open Microsoft PowerPoint on Personal Computer?

Many methods to open PowerPoint on personal computer, but main two methods defined below.

  • Start menu>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft PowerPoint>Enter.
  • Start menu>Run> Type: “powerpnt”>Enter

After entering any of above method, Microsoft PowerPoint application window will be displayed.

Microsoft PowerPoint Application Window

Microsoft PowerPoint application is different to compare the look of Previous Versions. It has new styles to make presentation so easy and fast. In previous versions application depends on menus, options and toolbars, but with 2007 version Microsoft made some changes that are given below.

Microsoft PowerPoint Window Components Overview

Office button – A button that provides access to menu commands in PowerPoint application. The Microsoft Office Button replaces the File menu in previous versions. Here you will find commonly known options such as New, Open, Save, Print and Recent Presentations and settings.

Quick Access Toolbar – A customizable toolbar at the top of an active presentation use to keep those options that we use frequently.

Title Bar – A horizontal bar at the top of an active Presentation. This bar displays the name of the Presentation and application. Minimize, Restore and Close buttons are appear at the right end of the Title Bar.

Tabs – An area on the Ribbon that contain buttons which are organized in groups. The default tabs is Home and others are the Insert, Design, Animations, Slideshow, Review and View.

Ribbon – An area under the tabs that contain options related to selected tab. The ribbon can be hide/unhide by pressing CTRL + F1.

Slide & Outline Pane – A pane window located left side of the page that is divided in two parts, slide and Outline. Slide is use to display inserted slides in thumbnail mode and outline is use to display headings used in slides.

Place Holders – Place holders are use to put data such as – heading, Text, objects etc.

Status Bar – A horizontal bar at the bottom of an active window that gives details about the active Presentation.

View Toolbar – View Toolbar is use to display different views of slide pages as Normal, Slide Sorter and Slide Show.

Zoom Button – Zoom Buttons are use to magnifies or reduce the presentation area.

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